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Wygrywaj więcej szans sprzedażowych – 5 prostych trików [EN]

5 Sales Hacks to Win More Deals

Key findings:

  • How to effectively diagnose customer pain points to provide them with the most relevant offer they couldn’t resist
  • How to enable effective data sharing across the organization thus bridging the gap between marketing, sales and customer service teams
  • How intelligent technologies empower sales executives with tools to better engage prospects and forecast sales results

#1 Diagnose pain points before offering the solution

At the core of a successful sale lies the deep knowledge and understanding of a prospect’s real problem. For this reason, it is of a paramount importance to look deeper and diagnose what the prospect’s situation is. Prior to offering/ providing a solution, a sales rep will need to get at the root of the problem by asking the right questions to identify the pain points behind the buying decision. Prepare an exhaustive checklist of questions for your prospect:

  • Ask open-ended questions (who, what, where, when, why, how, how much, tell me about it, describe for me)
  • Ask about the prospect’s role at the company
  • Ask what’s important to them
  • Ask what’s interesting to them and then focus on that
  • Ask what risks they perceive
  • Ask how we can help solve their problems
  • Ask what they like and dislike about their current vendor
  • Ask how industry trends are affecting them
  • Ask “what if?” questions
  • Find out their specific needs
  • Ask if they could change something about their product or service, what would it be? (Entrepreneur)

When the real pain points are identified, now a sale rep can present a solution for a problem that the prospect is struggling with. To win a deal every sales rep needs to provide customers with the solution to their problem and their reason for buying your product. The offered product should always be focused on answering the problem they have by justify their buying decision with the value, features, benefits, etc.

#2 Ask closing questions

Selling is 60% listening and only 40% talking. During a conversation with a customer, a sales rep can identify and understand customers’ needs, find buying signals and close the deal. Closing the sale is an art where each question should serve a certain purpose. After the pain points are identified, make sure to ask “closing questions” to close faster. Identify the list of questions that provoke the interest to make the prospect think about why they need to buy your product or service now.

Closing conversation with a prospect is always a small challenge. At the same time, experts say that 90 percent of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. There are obviously numerous studies on how people make purchasing decisions but if you know which questions to ask during the closing stage, you will be armed to increase the likeliness of a deal closure by evoking the right signals in the prospect’s brain. Here’s the list of closing phrase examples:

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