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5 znaków ostrzegawczych, że czas na wymianę systemu CRM [EN]



While initially you may have been a small office with a few departments or a limited number of team members that needed access to the CRM, you’ve now expanded to more team members and possibly, additional locations. As a result, you’ve needed your CRM to grow with you as your team has grown but it just hasn’t seemed to keep pace. Perhaps your company capacity has also grown, with more teams needing access to information held within your CRM platform.

An old CRM may no longer support the new functionalities you need or those available to others on the market. A few signs you’ve outgrown your CRM are:

  • Losing customer history
    Customer data disappearing? You might be losing critical information as the system purges old data and if over your contact limit or data cap with your current CRM solution.
  • Reports are manual or outside the CRM
    Going outside your CRM solution to find a standard report defeats the purpose of an all-inclusive contact management system. If you’re doing reports manually, you aren’t saving time or money.
  • The CRM relies on third-parties to run
    If you’re putting together third-party solutions to keep your CRM system running, something within the CRM does not fit your needs. Adding on third-party solutions increases your cost and complexity, making the system less user friendly.
  • Not keeping everything inside the CRM
    If you’ve got data in spreadsheets, the CRM, and email then you’re not working effectively. If to easily access information you need to keep it outside the CRM platform, it’s time to rethink that solution.

As a result, your database structure becomes outdated with issues syncing data and a decrease in functional capabilities. As the issues grow, integrations with other tools become impossible and your productivity and efficiency suffers throughout the organization. Instead, your daily struggle is with functional work arounds instead of growing your business and meeting your customer demands.

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