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Wdrożenie skutecznej strategii obsługi klienta – przewodnik kupującego [EN]

The Customer Experience Buyer’s Guide

Everything You Need to Know to Create Outstanding Customer Experiences

Customers decide your fate

And their expectations are evolving — fast. Having the right customer experience strategy in place will help you get (and stay) ahead. Here’s what you need to know to cultivate customers for life.

We get it. Really, we do. It can be tempting to assume that only the world’s most colossal companies with the biggest budgets can truly shine at customer experience.

Don’t buy into this idea.

With the right strategies and technology in place, it’s possible for any business to provide extraordinary experiences again and again — at every interaction, to meet any expectation. The more empowered you are to anticipate and fulfill needs, the better positioned you’ll be to create customers for life.

That’s what this eBook is for. We’ll show you:

  • How to gain a competitive edge by building a strong customer experience strategy
  • Essential tools and technologies you need to stay ahead of the latest trends
  • Critical components to give you a big competitive edge
  • Best practices you can use to cultivate customers for life


  • Competing in the Era of Experiences
  • What is CX — and Why do you Need it?
  • Essential Building Blocks for CX Success
  • Next-Level Strategies to Future-Proof Your CX Platform
  • Getting Started with CX
  • Conclusion
  • About the Authors

Competing in the Era of Experience

Remember when companies could compete solely on price?

Once upon a time, consumers flocked to big box retailers for unbeatable steals and deals. They turned to e-commerce giants to beat the prices they were seeing in-store. They even embraced airline offers when spacious seating and creature comforts were traded for no-frills flying options. And in the business world, buzzwords like “freemium” began to take hold.

These strategies worked really well. For awhile.

Then suddenly, things changed.

First, Walmart shelved its “Always Low Prices” slogan after 19 years. Then Amazon ended a longstanding price parity policy, freeing its third-party sellers to list products at whatever price they chose. Tech companies, meanwhile, began to prioritize enhancements instead of handouts. Across industries, companies became more concerned with creating value and building relationships than simply pushing promotions.

These shifts reflect an important trend — one that’s been growing steadily and will continue to gain steam for many years to come.

People are no longer looking for the lowest price or the best deal.

Across industries, companies became more concerned with creating value and building relationships than simply pushing promotions.


Businesses are now competing in a culture of connected customers, where alternatives to your products and services are a mere click, swipe or voice command away. Mobile technology, artificial intelligence and other innovations have put an endless array of options, quite literally, at people’s fingertips.

The result is a surge in expectations across the entire customer lifecycle, from first touch to post-purchase:

80% of customers:

  • think businesses should provide personal experiences
  • are more likely to make a purchase after a personalized interaction
  • willingly pay higher prices for a better experience

But as many as seven in 10 customers will:

  • end a business relationship after one poor customer service experience
  • take their business to a competitor after a negative interaction

The stakes are high, to say the least. Fail to deliver on these demands, and the chaos of damaging reviews will ensue. But exceed expectations, and you’ll create customers for life. It’s little wonder, then, that 81% of companies will soon be competing mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience.

The question to ask is:

How do you stay ahead in this new era of experiences and expectations? The answer lies in your customer experience strategy.

What is CX — and Why do you Need it?

Today’s fastest-growing companies understand that success can no longer be built one offer at a time. Rather, they’re creating entire customer journeys around an array of individualized experiences. They’re equipped to resolve issues in an instant, without the need for multiple calls and emails. They know how to personalize communications and can customize offers down to the individual’s exact interests. Most importantly, these companies know their customers well and are able to anticipate needs before people even realize they have them.

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