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Połącz siły Twoich zespołów, aby ulepszyć obsługę klienta [EN]

Strategia CX dla firmy. eBook SugarCRM [EN]

Dismantling the Siloes for Effortless CX

Aligning Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service


Creating a positive customer experience is more important than ever. Not only does a great experience lead to an increased average transaction value of 140%, but 73% of consumers report that a good customer experience influences their loyalty to a brand.

Customers don’t think of their experience with a brand by department. Instead, their perception of the company is a sum of their interactions with a brand—whether it’s the sales process, onboarding, or troubleshooting. Customers expect personalized interactions, meaning that organizations need a full view of the customer journey that includes a detailed account of touchpoints, engagements, and interests. The summary of these interactions requires everyone in the organization to be on the same page and updating a customer record for a complete picture. Yet, for many organizations, teams still work in siloes—sales doesn’t talk to marketing, marketing doesn’t talk to service, service doesn’t talk to sales, and so on. This disconnect causes teams to struggle in alignment and initiatives, and not only does the company suffer, the customer suffers.

It is this lack of alignment that supports the customer belief that 54% of organizations need improvement. The low-quality, siloed experiences leave customers with lackluster impressions, and with customer experience more important than ever, it’s imperative to close the experience gap. By aligning your organization and a cohesive strategy that dismantles the siloes around departments, you unlock your ability to achieve a positive experience for current and future customers, further increasing your profitability and retention rates.

Where the Siloes Started

strategia cx dla firmy

What sounds simple on the surface has become a stumbling block in day-to-day business. Marketing opens doors, sales walks through the doors, customer service nurtures customers while they’re part of the customer base, but something along this path broke, and each department began to compete against each other and break the interdepartmental conversations that had once occurred. However, departments depend on one another to be successful, making the relationships rife with challenges. 

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