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Czego możesz oczekiwać od systemu CRM w 2024 roku – raport [EN]

The 2024 State of CRM Report by Sugar

Insights from more than 800 sales, marketing, service, and IT professionals.

#1 CRM Is Your Hub for Building Better Customer Relationships.

Six in ten say utilizing a centralized customer hub is their top priority.

The more you know about your prospects and customers, the easier it is for your sales, marketing, and service teams to work together to deliver on your promise of great customer experiences and strong customer relationships. What matters most is how you hone your focus on customer needs to ensure informed, robust interactions that improve the customer experience.

Six in ten of our respondents told us that using CRM as a centralized communication hub for nurturing leads and customers is their top priority today (and three in ten cite it as a major area of struggle). Moving forward over the next five years, 45% (also the top response) say the top priority for maximizing value from CRM will be gaining a complete view of all customer interactions.

Working from a single source of truth – where every stakeholder has a clear view of all customer-facing activity – your teams can craft the most relevant engagement to move customers down their journey with your brand.


One in three of our respondents report that the most important parts of the customer journey (over the last five years) are customer service and creating upsell/cross-sell opportunities. Once customers have bought into your product ecosystem, your ability to provide incisive, world-class service can help build “stickiness” and drive a deeper ongoing footprint with your brand. CRM is that central hub that connects your priorities today with those of tomorrow.

Make Your CRM a Centralized Hub and Single Source of Truth

  • Use your centralized CRM installation to evaluate every key touchpoint along the customer journey (from marketing and sales to service and upsell), generate data-driven insights for a deeper picture of customer relationships, and create a consistent cadence of personalized engagement activities
  • Build a 360-degree view of customer activity that every stakeholder in your organization can access, with everyone working from the same playbook, and be sure that data is continually updated (and visualized) in real-time.
  • Work to ensure efficient business alignment across sales and marketing teams, defining and documenting a seamless handoff process and creating shared KPIs that can move the needle on customer experience, such as retention rates, customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer lifetime value (CLV), monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Trust only a fully account-based CRM data architecture that ensures every contact and every account is connected, providing you with a single, reliable source of truth.

#2 Use Your CRM to Help You Master Sales Automation

Most respondents want to improve the quality, quantity, and visibility of leads.

Any salesperson will tell you how important it is to their job to pull in high-quality leads (and lots of them) and to attain and maintain a healthy, robust pipeline. Our survey results concur. When asked about the most important areas of sales and marketing that CRM has helped optimize, the top three answers were pipeline visibility (37%), quality of leads (35%), and quantity of leads (31%).

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